Exciting news!: I'm pleased to announce that I am offering one free Oncology Skin Comfort treatment per month for the first year that Wholelistic Esthetics is open. If you or someone you know would benefit from this theraputic service, please contact me  to get your name on the list! 

I am Oncology Trained through Oncology Spa Solutions, meaning I have received additional education to modify treatments so that cancer survivors and clients going through active anti-cancer therapies (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) can safely receive facial and skin care treatments. For more information, please visit  www.oncologyspasolutions.com

Oncology Skin Comfort Therapy

Gentle, hydrating, therapeutic touch for survivors and those dealing with the side effects of active anti-cancer therapies including chemo, radiation, and surgery. Special care is given to safely work around ports, lymph node removal and radiation injury to insure your comfort and safety. This treatment is highly customized, and is designed to calm and comfort dry, irritated, sensitized skin, as we hold a space for relaxation and quiet repose. 60 min, $65

Oncology Skin Comfort Caregivers Treat

Having a friend or loved one with cancer is devastating, and can take its toll on not only the patient, but the primary caregiver as well. Take this time to enjoy a mini facial, hand and foot massage. This relaxing treatment is designed to take care of YOU for a while.      60 min, $65