Ready for a clean, safe and easy wax experience? 

When choosing the right wax for the right part of the body, several things should be considered. I have chosen the finest wax with all natural ingredients. No weird chemicals or added colors, some are plastic free (and 100% compostable/biodegradable) , and all are made right here in the USA!  Yes, I wear gloves. No, I DON'T double dip!

Eyebrow Design: $18

Lip, Chin or Cheek: $10

Face: $30

Bikini: (clean up around the edges, anything that would be noticeable in a bathing suit) $45

Brazilian: (clean up front to back, no hair left) $65

Extended Brazilian: (clean up hips to knees, front to back) $85

Underarms: $25

Back/Chest: $35



Here’s some helpful tips to make the most of your wax experience:

Gently exfoliate the area using a dry brush 24hrs before the appointment

Cleanse and moisturize the area on the day of the appointment

Take an anti-inflammatory (like ibuprofen) several hours before your appointment if you are worried about pain

Wholelistic Esthetics has a strict 24 Hour cancellation policy. In the event of a late cancellation/no show the fee is 50% of the scheduled service(s). An invoice will be sent via square. If I am able to replace the appointment with a client on the wait list, I am more than happy to waive the fee!


Post Wax:

Avoid direct sun exposure for 24hrs

Cleanse the area using warm (not hot) water and a mild soap during your next shower

Moisturize the area with fragrance free products (I recommend Wonder Whip)

Gently exfoliate the area using a dry brush 3-4 days after your appointment and then once per week after that